So Disney bought out Marvel for a whopping $4 billion, which means they own everyone’s ass from Iron Man to the Hulk and about 4980 other lesser known characters. And this has some comic book fans bracing for the worst. Like this person who is worried about the Magic Kingdom’s puritanical influence: “I have a baaddd feeling about this. Marvel’s distinction has always been that its characters have had highly dysfunctional lives. Alcoholics, schizophrenics, wife-beaters, killers. But now the Punisher and Wolverine owned by the Mouse?” Could some of this fear be misplaced? After all, it was Marvel that decided to whore out Spiderman and turn the web slinger into a musical. Nah, Disney’s ability to maintain a solid evil core while acting as the stewards of purity and children’s entertainment should have fanboys frightened to the bone.