300_drinkdrown1Drinking, drugs, smoking, and sex. Seems to be the only human activities, ad-wise, we cover here on ANIMAL. What do you expect? You humans are a bunch of fucking heathens. And Australians, apparently, are the worst (best) of the species. Living on an island continent, Aussies naturally love to swim. And, thanks to that Simpsons episode where the size of their Fosters beer cans impresses even Homer (sorry, can’t find the clip), we know they love to drink. “Almost half of all adult drowning deaths involve alcohol,”  reads the headline on these collaborative print ads via the Royal Life Saving Society and the Australian department of health. That’s a lot of drinking and diving! Here’s an idea, mates: swim THEN drink. These PSAs suffer the usual PSA problem: interesting visuals that evoke zero emotion. Jump for the second ad in the campaign featuring a drowned babe on the rocks.

|Images: The Arab Aquarius|