Drunken Inglorious Bastard Stars In Russian Dewar’s Ads

08.25.09 Copyranter

Like many an American celebrity afraid of damaging his/her image as an uncompromising artiste, Quentin Tarantino tries to keep his hooch hawking on the Q.T. here by shooting ads overseas, in this case in the most alcoholic country in the world. He doesn’t look very happy about it! Explaining how he came up with the idea to use Tarantino, Ali Mammadov, creative director of Dewar’s Russian ad agency Global Point says (translated badly by Google): “Some whiskey is positioning itself for big companies, some emphasis on broad-line, and Dewar’s – this whiskey for successful intellectuals.” Quentin is seen in the Motherland as a “successful intellectual?” Any ANIMAL readers know Russian? We’d love to read the translation of these fake Tarantino quote headlines (click ads). I’m guessing they’re not as snappy as Pulp Fiction dialogue. |Images: adme.ru|