Dutch Animal Rights Group Murders PETA’s Creative

06.29.09 Copyranter

Shock and gall. PETA of course has long relied on them for its amateurish marketing stunts. Stunts that usually, well, suck. Like for example, when they came off looking like complete idiots by attempting to bleed that Canadian bus beheading for a little cheap PR. Or by lamely submitting a limp veggie porn TV spot to run during this year’s Super Bowl. But here, via Wakker Dier (Animals Awake)—a Dutch animal welfare organization—we have some shocking sexiness done right. The stripper is Ancilla Tilia, Dutch Playmate and fetish model. The guy clubbing and “stripping” her alive is apparently a well-known Dutch comedian. Disquieting, and memorably to the point. By Revolver Media. Take note PETA: this is what you get when you pay creative people with a fucking clue. Check out a selection of blood-and-guts stills after the jump and click here to see the full behind-the-scenes gallery.

|Video: osocio|