Brianna Domont_jacques_lede Brianna Domont posed naked for Jacques magazine back in July, but now she’s suddenly stricken with a case of stage fright, it seems. One of her lawyers sent us a strongly-worded email demanding that photos we re-published from the Jacque shoot be removed. According to the artsy erotic mag’s EIC, Danielle Luft, Ms. Domont’s lawyers are just firing off emails for the sake of firing off emails and while they did temporarily pull her pics off the web, they do plan on re-posting them because, you know, fuck the lawyers.The veiled legal threats are especially odd considering how much Ms. Domont appears to love being naked. Remember what Brianna said during the shoot:

Nudity’s not a big deal for me. My mother used to be in the art business, so I grew up surrounded by pictures from Vargas, Pirellio, and Botero, Briana explains. I think nudity is beautiful.

Just not on the internet.