crop_Rap Radar -- New Music- Eminem “Elevator” (20091203)

Making a fool out of aging Hip Hop editor Elliott Wilson and the blog he doesn’t really own, Rap Radar, is almost too easy at this point, but we’ll gladly oblige. Less than an hour ago, the loud-mouthed editor-turned-aggregator posted a new track by Eminem called “Elevator” and mentioned that “PR” was going to make him pull it any second. Apparently he knows his boss real well.

After tweeting the leak to him, Eminem’s manager strangely enough, Rap Radar’s backer, (P)aul (R)osenberg, must not have been too pleased since both the track and the entire post were removed. Why not just cut the audio? Ha!

Luckily we screengrabbed for your menial amusement.