Every Time You Fly You Knock A Polar Bear Off A Cloud

11.20.09 Copyranter


Just in time for Christmas! Are you gleefully anticipating the cutesy digital Coca-Cola-drinking holiday polar bear family? Well this is not that. But it does have cutesy digital polar bears—falling to their deaths from 30,000 feet.

It’s a new UK global warming awareness spot produced by Mother London for Plane Stupid, an organization fighting aviation expansion. It’s quite scary and gory! The copy from the spot reads: “an average European flight produces over 400kg of greenhouse gases for every passenger…that’s the weight of an adult polar bear.” That bit of trivia doesn’t really make any sense, but you get the point: flying=killing Knut. Said director Daniel Kleinman: “No bear was alive when we dropped them from a great height and no pixels were hurt during filming. We did have to mop up the blood though.” Directors are such dicks. I would have like to have also seen some splattering penguins, narwhals, Eskimos, and elves. |Video: Brand Republic|