Evildoers Doing It To Promote World AIDS Day

GOTT IN HIMMEL! I guessing that’s what Hitler screamed whenever he shot his load (here’s what his sperm may have looked like) on Eva Braun’s ass…Anyway! Hot chicks always go for bad boys, right? To raise awareness for AIDS and the upcoming World AIDS day (December 1st), Germany’s das comitee produced these dirty despot posters. Hopefully the ad agency didn’t do the tacky thing and also sign the public versions of them. Hitler and Saddam look relatively authentic, but, uh, that Photoshopped Stalin isn’t even close to accurate. The ads direct you to this scary red-hued website where a counter shows the current AIDS death number—a number that ticks up every fifteen seconds. Click the gallery to view history’s nastiest men doing the nasty, and jump for a faux Hitler sex tape.
Update: YouTube removed the original video, but for the sake of democracy we’ve replaced it.

|Images & video: AOTW|