It turns out a dinner party that soap opera star Joan Collins hosted for the elusive artist BANKSY was all an elaborate hoax. Ivan Massow, the former chairman of London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, tricked Collins, his longtime friend, into hosting a feast for a group of celebrities and actor Bryan Lawrence, who was pretending to be the secretive street artist. According to the Daily Mail, Massow hoped to sell the fake footage of Banksy to unknowing television producers. However, a bit of investigation by the newspaper unraveled that plan, forcing Massow to confess his failure and wistfully remark: “To pull off what was such a massive art fraud would have been really quite spectacular.”

Still, Maddow plans to sell the film, Banksy’s Coming for Dinner, on the internet, calling it an “investigation into the nature of reality,” otherwise known as fiction. In an attempt to maintain some mystery around the phony film, the trailer of which is above, Maddow claims, “I still think he might be Banksy. Prove it’s not him.” Although no other proof besides the delusional director’s own admission is necessary, there are photos and plenty of compelling evidence pointing to BANKSY’s real identity.