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For as long as Guidos have existed, countless non-Guidos have often thought to themselves, “These idiots need a reality show.” Well, thanks to MTV, that time has finally come.

Guido culture has long been the fascination of many NYC transplants, myself included, to the tri-state area, and the reason some of us have felt that they’d be perfect fodder for compelling reality television, so much more so than couples who birth litters of children or high-society socialites or celebrity stylists or real estate brokers (I mean, really?!), is that they’re certifiably insane, exceedingly stupid, and utterly shameless. And really, aren’t those three traits the absolute perfect components for compelling reality television personalities? Guidos need no scripting, no coaching, no direction…just strap on a camera and follow them around to capture the human freak circus that inevitably ensues.

Now, I personally am not a fan of reality TV. Far from it. I watched the first couple of seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race and that’s about it. But I’ll not miss a single episode of Jersey Shore. December 3rd can’t come soon enough!

Oh, and here’s a little Guido lagniappe for you…if you’ve never seen the video below, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! This perfectly exhibits why you should watch Jersey Shore, even more so than the trailer for the show embedded above. Whatever you do, wait for the ending…it’s worth it.