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In my advertising career, I’ve had to work on some boring-as-piss products…like urine analysis machines. So the chance to work on a museum—any museum—would be a fucking pleasure. But New York City’s Museum of SEX? Shit, this assignment would excite even the most jaded, hateful copywriter out there (that would be me). Which is why this new witless, ball-less campaign for the museum by big-ass Interpublic agency Lowe saddens me. A museum campaign should entice me to visit the place (which I have), not present weak,even false sex dictums. Sorry Lowe, but good self-pleasure is most certainly always better than bad sex, right ladies? And, what a surprise—this campaign’s creative team is all male. Well boys, at least your art direction is pretty. Jump for a third poster that makes a really lame small dick joke.

|Ads: IBIA|