Footheadz Not So Fresh

05.29.09 Copyranter


Meet Piggie, Doggy, and Tootsie, the legendary Footheadz crew, taggin’ and sculptin’ foot soldiers for iD casual kicks eh, yo. How much cliched cool can Mumbai ad agency Makani Creatives cram into this print campaign that smells strongly of desperation and feet? Toe rings and piercings! Tats! Bling! Sweatbands! Be the cult! From the iD website: “iD…epitomizes the aspiration and attitude of the contemporary youth and their mind set, which now more than often looks at avenues that are a bit over the edge…” Word—they talk the walk. Except, snap, Dr. Martens traveled down this foot-worn avenue eight years ago. Also, why does the sculpture have ears? |Images: adsoftheworld|