Four Arrested in New York Street Advertising Takeover

04.28.09 Will Sherman


In addition to the one artist that was arrested during the New York Street Advertising Takeover, several other participants were taken into custody: 2 whitewashers and one videographer. Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign writes:

The whitewashers were picked up at 3:00pm in the Lower East Side and spent a heroic 40 hrs in central booking. After being charged with criminal mischief the DA reduced that charge to disorderly conduct. . . . The artist was arraigned around 8pm on the 26th after having spent approximately 25hrs in jail. He was let off with an ACD and 2 days community service. The videographer doing timelapse of the artist at work did not fair so well and is still being brought up on charges.

It’s ironic that out of all four people, the videographer is stuck in jail the longest. While there could be any number of reasons, including general slowness and inefficiency, we have to wonder whether it has something to do with the new police guidelines for not arresting photographers and videographers on made-up charges.

A volunteer for the Municipal Landscape Control Committee whitewashes illegal advertisements for Belvedere’s hallucination-inducing vodka. Photo by Will Sherman/ANIMALnewyork.com