diamond-skullYears after Damien Hirst’s diamond bedazzled skull, more formally known as “For the Love of God,” debuted at the White Cube Gallery in London and quickly sold, the fourth part owner has been revealed. Constructed from $23 million in materials, including 8,601 diamonds, the dome piece was bought for $100 million by an anonymous group of investors, which turned out to include Damien Hirst himself, his business manager, Frank Dunphy, and the owner of the White Cube gallery, Jay Jopling. As the sale was supposedly cash only and no paperwork has been found, it’s widely speculated that the piece sold for far less than the reported record $100 million.

This speculation is only reignited by news that the fourth part owner is Ukranian steel pipe billionaire Viktor Pinchuk. His eponymous Kiev museum is currently hosting a major Hirst retrospective, which could be better understood as an attempt to keep the spotlight on the artist, maintain and hopefully increase his work’s value so that one day, the four investors could resell the skull at profit, like they originally planned before the art market completely tanked.

Photo via Reuters