Coney Island Freak Show Vows To Deform Puppy

07.24.09 Will Sherman

alg_puppyThe new owner of a five-legged puppy expedited surgical removal of the dog’s extra limb before a Coney Island freak show could stop her. John Strong is planning a lawsuit, saying he had an agreement to buy the dog for $3000 until Allyson Siegel made a $4000 offer to save the Chihuahua puppy from becoming a sideshow attraction. Following surgery yesterday, Siegel reports the dog, Lily, is “doing fantastic” and “walking like a little puppy dog” would if it just had a useless dangling appendage removed.

Still, Strong is pressing forward with his legal claim and planning to turn the now-normal puppy back into a deformed oddity for his supposedly “well treated” animal menagerie. “Even if it’s been taken off, we’re going to sew it right back on when we win the civil case. What good is a four-legged puppy to a freak show?” |NYDN|