French-Canadians Mustard Gas Obama

05.26.09 Copyranter


Plus ça change… Previous stops on the worldwide Obama ad exploitation tour: Japan, D.C., Israel, Russia, and Switzerland. Now: Montreal. You may remember earlier this month when President Snobby walked into Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, VA. and dared order his beef patty with cowardly yellow French Socialism spread on it—which amazingly and yet predictably was turned into a roaring point by the idea-less GOP. Well! Now Maille, one of the most popular Dijon mustard brands in the world, is further spreading the ridiculousness. First (click ads for closer look), “OBAMAILLE,” the mustard of change. Sacrebleu, that’s fucking painful. Second (R), it’s, according to Babelfish, “the mustard which gives ideas.” Hmm. I think—should he see it—this familiar-looking execution is going to give Shepard Fairey some ideas. |Images: adsoftheworld|