German Green Party Red-Faced Over Black Posters

08.14.09 Copyranter


On September 27th, Germans will vote to elect members of the Bundestag. The environmental Gruene (Green) Party holds the fewest seats amongst the five major German parties. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, or Black Party, holds the most. So, the local Greenies in Kaarst erected these posters all over town featuring a white woman caressing a black woman’s fine ass with the headline: “The only reason to choose Black.” Conservatives, liberals, and especially local black leaders were not amused. The Green Party recently removed the posters, and issued this statement:

“The Greens more than anyone else have always stood for policies characterized by tolerance, cosmopolitanism, and equality. Issues such as integration and women’s politics stand at the center of the Greens’ political work. Accusations that this poster is racist or sexist are thus untenable.”

That’s certainly open for political debate.
|Image: adme.ru|