Get Ready for Endless Unauthorized Michael Jackson Ads

06.26.09 Copyranter


Advertising-wise, the King of Soda Pop will of course be most remembered by these three words: “hair on fire“—which happened during the filming of a 1984 commercial for Pepsi. Luckily for the soda maker and ad agency BBDO, Jackson survived the accident and went on to sell oceans of sugar water. Every web site on the planet is posting MJ’s old Pepsi spots today. So instead, let’s take a look at a couple of print ads from 2008 that illegally used the iconic star’s image. Above, Volkswagen used a stand-in to sell its combo entertainment/navigation system. The ad won several awards, including a Bronze Lion at Cannes. Pretty tenuous borrowed interest concept, in my opinion. Smoother is an ad for a Barcelona shopping center after the jump. In the coming months, Idea-starved ad creatives the world over will be adding to the collection.


|Images: The Inspiration Room|