Stunt Ad

Rivaling Seoul’s paparazzi billboards for intrusiveness, a GI Joe-branded black helicopter was spotted dangling an actor off Coney Island as a noisy promotion of the summer movie release. Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign was relaxing on the beach when the helicopter began hovering off shore in preparation for the advertising assault.

After about a minute a guy dressed in army fatigues began to climb down the ladder…. It was then that I looked up at the helicopter again and saw the G.I. Joe logo plastered to its side. Once the man reached the bottom of the ladder and waved at the crowd, the helicopter began to slowly traverse the water front making sure every last beach goer looked up from his book or stopped applying sunscreen to their boyfriend’s back. All in all it was a fantastic experience that unceremoniously took 5 minutes of everyone’s life while simultaneously distracting every life guard on duty.

At least the Marines were considerate enough to offer free helicopter rides when they raided Coney Island in May.

Photo by idcomics taken on Long Branch Beach in New Jersey