Oh, did you hear about Glenn Beck’s big announcement over the weekend? He basically wants to be the wingnut version of Boss Tweed, taking politically ambitious mouth-breathers by the hand for the next 100 years or so and lead them to power, so that American can break free from the bonds of communism and science and the like.

Brian Stelter of the New York Times had a piece over the weekend in which Beck expressed his desire to hold voter registration drives and political conventions and “How to Run for Office” classes and whatnot for “libertarians.”

On Saturday he held a festive campaign-style rally in The Villages in Florida, north of Orlando, in which he promoted his recently released book, “Arguing With Idiots,” and announced another book to come next August filled with right-leaning policy proposals gathered from the conventions.

Mr. Beck did say the conventions would resemble educational seminars, and he emphasized that while candidates may align themselves with the values and principles that he espouses, he would not take the next step to endorse them.

In describing the conventions, he told the crowd on Saturday: “You’re going to learn about finance. You’re going to learn about community organizing. You’re going to learn everything we need to know if you want to be a politician.”

So I guess this means that we can look forward to more human dildo robots deployed by Beck like Doug Hoffman trying to take back America from Blackie McMuslimcommunist and ACORN. This should be fun.