Glenn Beck Won’t Stop Pushing Gold to His Dipsh*t Followers Anytime Soon


For some time now, radio and television con artist Glenn Beck has been striking fear into the hearts of America’s lowest common denominator by doing everything he can to convince them that President Blackie McMuslimcommunist is hell-bent on turning America into some post-apocalyptic Mad Max-esque nation ruled by coloreds and queers who sodomize Christians in their leisure time.

Beck’s solution, as preached perpetually to his viewers, to warding off this pending doom has been to buy gold. The problem with this, among other things, is that Glenn Beck is basically a paid lobbyist for Goldline, a company that peddles gold to the masses at inflated prices. Many have cried foul over this, and Fox News took notice apparently.

Joel Cheatwood, the senior vice president of development for Fox News, said the network’s legal department had recently sent a letter to Mr. Beck’s representatives “seeking clarification” about his work for Goldline.

“They sent back word that he is not a paid spokesman,” Mr. Cheatwood said, adding that it would be “problematic without question” if Mr. Beck did have a position as a paid spokesman for a product.

Oh well that’s just great. Only problem is that the company has listed Beck as a “paid spokesman” of the company on its website for some time now. But now they’ve changed Beck’s title to “radio sponsor” and apparently this makes it all good with Fox, meaning that Beck will continue to peddle gold to the dipshits who hang on his every word each day. So there.