Good Photography Does Not Equal Good Jeans Advertising

09.29.09 Copyranter

First see It-lenser Ryan McGinley’ recent work: the French Wrangler coroner photo hogwash, and the new Levi’s “Go Forth” into the bleak future ye jobless be-denimed dreamers hooey. Here, via Armanda Testa, Italy’s “largest independent communications company,” we have extra extremely edgy editorial-style advertising for Meltin’ Pot jeans. Their tagline? “I dream. I am”—which directly butts heads with Wrangler’s “Stop thinking” slogan. Something for you philosophy PhD candidates to contemplate as you dress in the morning. Anyway, click the gallery, and observe beautifully-photographed scenes of pig-headed men and a magician’s little rabbits (which represent fucking) and a naked man with about 10 pounds of shaving cream on his crotch. Then go spend $100+ on cheaply-made cotton pants. |Images: Coloribus|