juanWhile most people would just call the police or start scrubbing away their graffiti problem, a Salt Lake City man allegedly sought justice by kidnapping three boys he suspected were responsible. 21-year-old Juan Lopez and his 15-year-old cousin reportedly confronted the kids, aged 11 and 12, in a local park and “choked or dragged” them into the vandalized vehicle by their necks.

After interrogating the frightened youth, who denied responsibility for spraypainting an obscenity on Lopez’s new Chevy Aveo, Lopez called their parents, demanding they pay a thousand dollars ransom to clean up his car or never see their kids again. But police were able to negotiate the safe return of the child abductees after less than an hour, as well as bring “three first degree felonies of child kidnapping” against the graffiti victim and his juvenile cousin.