Graffiti Writers Captured By Polaroids

05.27.09 Will Sherman

Like Lipstick TracesFor all the photo-filled books exploring graffiti and the secret lives of writers, few, if any, let the artists show and tell their own experience. Like Lipstick Traces, a new book Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry , does just that: 13 graffiti writers from around the world were given a Polaroid camera and 100 shots to picture their life, city, and adventures in getting up.

Short texts on the artists accompany the more than 600 photos by AROE of London, C.B.S. of Germany, DUMBO of Italy, HONET and O’CLOCK of France, KEGR of Denmark, OS CURURUS of Brazil, RATE of America, REMIO of Norway, Rocky of Spain, SCAN of Canada, SMASH of Switzerland and THE E.R.S. of Belgium.

Below is a sample of the artists’ images shot on the nearly extinct instant film format.