3370888034_b1bb5251cd_o While it’s true that no real sparks flew at last night’s Vandals vs. Vandal Squad discussion at the powerHouse arena, there were some interesting revelations about author Joe “Blow” Rivera’s mostly irrelevant book on graffiti. For one, several writers, including panelist KET, claimed that some of the photos published in “Vandal Squad: Inside the New York City Transit Police Department, 1984-2004” were either stolen or obtained improperly and definitely in violation of copyright! Rivera denied the charge, insisting they were his or “donated” from various sources.

It was interesting to note how inarticulate Rivera was in person. He stuck to talking points, read prepared commentary right off his notes, and appeared uncomfortable answering any questions that strayed from his script. There was also rumors swirling around that he didn’t even really write the book and that powerHouse PR flack Sara Rosen was ultimately responsible for heavily editing it.

|Photo: Joe Conzo by way of COPE2|