Greenpeace: What Goes Around Comes Around

05.06.09 Copyranter

Boomer harangues (ouch)! The militant planet protectors, via ad agency DDB in Paris, would like to let you know-very literally-that your selfish words and actions today will come back and smack you right in the face tomorrow. Click the ads to start the guilt-inducing gallery; whether you’re money hungry or refuse to take public transportation or think recycling is bullshit or applaud the heating of the planet, there’s at least one boomer-ad that’ll hit you. But, the boomerang concept? I…don’t know. Maybe the toy stores of my youth only carried cheap, piece of shit boomerangs, because every time I threw one of them, if it came even half way back to me, I felt lucky. I do recommend that Greenpeace sell these things to raise money. They can put them on the shelf next to their cute nuclear meltdown mutant stuffed animals. |Images: adofdamonth|