It’s time again for SubTalk with the MTA! This gun puzzle ad (click to enlarge) is so helpful, thank you various City groups listed at the bottom of it. Thugs? Why not paint your piece red or green for Christmas mugging weeking? Or maybe red/white like a candy cane! You’ll probably get more gift cash that way. For me, seeing pictures of guns as I enter subway stations is very calming.

And, yes, if I see “either,” I’ll certainly call 311. Especially, if either is being pointed at my head. I’ll Slowly—SLOWLY—reach into my messenger bag, pull out my about-to-be-jacked iPhone, and, while holding a finger up to the robber (the universal ‘I’ll just be a sec’ pose), dial the number and, after asking the potential killer for his name, report it and my location. (Seriously, who’s the target (ha) of this ad, and who the fuck had the final approval?)

Photo by Bucky Turco/ANIMALnewyork