Hasidic and Secular Cyclists Collaborate on Bedford Ave Re-Striping

12.08.09 Will Sherman


After reports that two people were arrested re-striping bike lanes on Bedford Avenue, comes news that no arrests were in fact made. Only summonses were issued to the group, which included “both secular Williamsburg residents and members of the Hasidic community,” according to local bike shop owner and advocate Baruch Herzfeld.

“Scores of people in the Hasidic community are actually pissed about this bike lane being eradicated at the behest of traditionalists,” Herzfeld tells Streetsblog, noting that “they’re promising continuous action until the bike lane returns.” This message is echoed in footage, posted of last night, of the activists repainting the recently removed bike lane.

We are New York City bicyclists, and our message is clear: Don’t take away our bike lanes. We use this stretch of Bedford Avenue because it is a direct route to the Williamsburg Bridge. We will continue to use it whether or not there is a bike lane there, but not having one puts us at greater risk from cars. That’s why bike lanes exist—for safety. Do not try to remove them, or we will put them back for our own safety.