Have Your Uranium Yellowcake And Eat It Too

05.15.09 Copyranter


That’ll show ’em! Fighting despotism with silly retouching is a popular advertising attack method. Amnesty International previously gave the Evil Doers (including W) cross-eyes. Now, the International Society for Human Rights (founded in West Germany in 1972) celebrates 60 years of the universal declaration of human rights like a bad six-year-old would—throwing his birthday cake at the stupid grown-ups. Kim Jong-il looks particularly nonplussed. This cakey campaign, created by Scholz & Friends in Berlin, apparently just won some kind of international social advertising award; which is just complete fucking hooey. Does it do anything to call attention to the atrocities committed by these oppressors? No. Does it do anything to spur me into action? No. It just sits there, looking cutesy. Jump for a shot of Robert Mugabe with a big gob of cake on his mug. |Images: Coloribus|