‘Heidi Klum of Foot Models’ Terrorized After Boning the Help

11.20.09 Cajun Boy

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Angel Rotger must have really pissed off his co-workers at 340 East 74th street when he started hooking up with foot model Christina Ambers, one of the building’s residents, because they all turned against the porter and the object of his affection, probably out of seething jealously that they weren’t getting to bone fancy foot models, after the relationship commenced, eventually leading to marriage.

This whole thing sounds like a Jennifer Lopez movie waiting to happen. Ambers is now suing the building for $10 million dollars because the staff refused to open the door for her and carry her packages or something after she became involved with Rotger. To make matters worse, the building super’s wife nailed Rotger in the nutsack with a package.

The $10 million suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, accuses the super’s wife – identified by building residents as Kristin Purcell – of boozily slugging Rotger in the groin.

“He made his way to the hospital and was diagnosed with a contusion,” Ambers said. “Can you imagine how hard she must have hit him to have caused a contusion?”

Ambers, who bought her 700-square-foot apartment in 2003, previously tangled with building management over problems with her floor that she said were caused by a leak. The feud grew even uglier once she paired off with Rotger.

“It seems that Christina has breached some type of social order that existed in that building,” said Joshua Price, a lawyer for the newlyweds. “There’s no question that they’ve been made to feel like outcasts.”

This is all so confusing…shouldn’t Angel Rotger’s co-workers be high-fiving him right about now? New york City building workers are weird.