Lieberman_display Cock-faced, weasel-y Muppet Joe Lieberman says that he will break with his party to join a possible Republican filibuster on health care reform when it comes up for a vote in the Senate. When asked why he would do such a thing Lieberman said, “I think my colleagues know for a long time that I’ve been opposed to a government-created, government-run insurance company.” Yeah, and I’m sure his stance has nothing to do with the fact that he’s received $3.3 million, yes $3.3 MILLION, in campaign contributions from the insurance/health care industry. So now, in addition to making most people want to punch themselves repeatedly in the genitals at the mere sound of his annoying voice (Remember his HORRIBLE speech at the Republican convention?), Joe Lieberman is going the extra mile to fuck over America in order to suck off the people who help him get elected. Die Joe Lieberman, DIE! |Huff Po|