YouTube - Vintage Lady Gaga 2005 Medley - Captivated & Electric Kiss_1258666292800

A video surfaced this week of a young NYU student named Stefani Germanotta performing in a 2005 talent show at NYU. In the video, the pretty brunette sounds very Norah Jones-like as she plays piano and sings two songs. This same girl is now the rumored hermaphrodite/international superstar known popularly as Lady Gaga.

Watching this video makes it abundantly clear just how genius Germanotta is. Here she was in 2005 an obviously talented but utterly anonymous music student. At some point in the following years she came to the realization that she needed to do something to set herself apart from everyone else, created the outrageous Lady Gaga persona, and now she’s one of the world’s biggest stars. I’m sort of in awe right now. Kudos to you Miss Germanotta…you’re without question one of the sharpest people in the entertainment industry.

Here’s another video of a pre-Gaga Stefani Germanotta performing with her band at the Bitter End on Bleecker Street in 2006. Amazing.