Hey Rude (sorry)!

04.24.09 Copyranter


See Paul McCartney live, now, hurry! Why is the Beatle bassist being rudely reminded that death soon awaits him in an Israeli Travel Agency ad by Grey, Tel-Aviv? Well, Tzabar says here that they’re promoting flight + concert packages. “Who knows what tomorrow will bring for Sir Paul”? How bout a cease and desist order from his lawyer? The illustration, by Yoni Lax, a parody of the famous and meme-abused Abbey Road album cover, is certainly fun for everybody except Paul (And Ringo. Where’s Ringo? Drummers get no respect.). I like the yellow submarine and Grim Reaper elements. But why is Paul dressed in his Sgt. Pepper’s outfit? And are such obnoxious scare tactics really a smart way to motivate me to want to travel to see the old chap in concert? Jump for an Amy Jade Winehouse version featuring the crazy crooner riding a hypodermic needle broom.

|Images: adgoodness|