Historical Phacial Photoshop Abuse

09.23.09 Copyranter

Ostensibly to demonstrate that CNA, a South African retail store chain, has got what you’re looking for, the Jupiter Drawing Room in Johannesburg created these famous mashed-up mug ads. It’s a truly bizarre strategy that really doesn’t sell the store very well, but makes for interesting viewing. So, click and view the gallery. The most frightening combo is the Adolf Dean (Dean’s estate won’t be thrilled to see this)—live fast, kill faster! Hey, if ad agencies can use der dead Führer to help stop AIDS and curb smoking, why not exploit him to move some product in these hard times? The second scariest is royal prince Buddy Holly—a plane crash of a mash-up. Then, there’s the cruel Bill Gates Kingification, and lastly, the relatively innocuous Lennon/Einstein. The campaign could of course go on forever—I’m envisioning an Ozzy/Gandhi crazy trainwreck. |Images: AdsOfTheWorld|