Okay, what the hell is going on? Don’t the city’s thugs know that it’s Christmas, the day the world celebrates the virgin birth of Jesus, and that this holiday is about peace and not about bloody subway altercations.

The first incident took place after a group of presumably horny young men attempted to gang rape a woman they met in a Queens chicken joint.

The woman broke free from the men and frantically ran down to the platform and hopped on an F train, with the thugs right behind.

“They tried to physically drag her off the train, but she fights back,” one cop said.

The struggle continued as the group pulled her off the train and dragged her up the stairs to the mezzanine level.

At one point, the woman stabbed one of her attackers – identified by family as Thomas Winston, 29 – multiple times in the chest.

The woman then sprinted back down to the platform – with the thugs in hot pursuit, said witness Ricardo Josephs, 41.

“Seven or eight of them were chasing the woman,” said Josephs, an MTA employee.

“They all jumped over the turnstiles after her,” he continued. “She got on the Queens [-bound F] train. They tried to grab her; they tried to hold the train – but she got away.”

And then, on the day after Christmas, two dudes got into a big fight on a 6 train, where a woman trying to make peace between the two got punched squarely in the face.

Jesus has a sad.