Bracelets. Is there anything they can’t do? This seems way to fucking cutesy to me, but I’m no dad so what do I know? The Sound Advice Project, with help from Los Angeles-based ad agency Ground Zero, created an interactive method for parents to “talk” to their kids about drugs. First, worried grown-up goes to the non-profit’s website and records a personal message for their maybe-user kid. The audio is then converted into a sound wave, which is converted into a 3D bracelet. Parents art-direct the bead and cord colors and then purchase the custom bracelet for $18. So, the pie-in-the-sky outcome here is that your words stay with your little dope fiend all the time. The Project offers soundbite suggestions like “You mean the world to us,” and “I believe in you” These seem too passive-aggressive. How ’bout” PUT THE FUCKING METH PIPE DOWN!” Seriously, I don’t see too many boys wearing one of these…maybe the teen can use it to tie off his arm? Related: NYC anti-drug kiosk shows kids how to tie off their arms. |via: creativity online|