350_millionpennyproject It’s yet another ad made of money. But unlike with these Brazilian WWF animal posters, I’d have to bring a hammer this time. OK, let’s get the particulars out of the way. The Million Penny Project is a non-profit started by Miami design firm Pumped, Inc. Their plan is to raise one million pennies ($10,000) per worthy cause. Currently, they’re collecting coin for a local homeless organization. It’s a very good PR move by Pumped, and I hope it does some real good. Now, back to my partially irrational rant. The poster (plus video) recently won best of show at the Miami ADDYs—because making a poster out of coins (or dollars) is just something you never see. Listen: I sucked at arts and crafts as a grade schooler. My paper mache creations looked like mutant blobs. My elbow macaroni pictures looked like pasta puke. My frog skeleton in biology got me a D. And all the childhood trauma still churns inside me. I’M NOT HANDY, OK? So fuck all your 15,000 butt billboards. |Image: Coloribus|