Because I sure have! Fallon sucks. Period. I pulled for him and his show for a very long time before finally coming to the realization that he is just hopelessly, painfully unfunny. Let’s just hope he doesn’t tarnish The Roots brand in the long run. Anyway, here’s the story of how their being his house band came to be…

In a Q&A with Paste, Roots drummer ?uestlove fills us all in:

I was the musical supervisor for the Chapelle Show, which is basically two people—Dave Chapelle and Neil Brennan, aka the white guy. Neil was set to come over to Fallon to be the producer of the show, but at last minute he got movie offers. He did that film with Jeremy Piven, so he decided to go to Hollywood. However, I guess as a side comment he said to Fallon, “Know what would be great—why don’t you get The Roots to be your house band?” He meant it as a joke because he knew we’d never give up the life of traveling. Then we just happened to see Jimmy at a show we did at UCLA. He said, “Hey, I know it’s a weird idea.” He knew we wouldn’t even consider it because who would give up their 18th straight year of traveling to slow down and be 40-year-old beings for a second? We laughed, “Ha, that’s real funny,” then three days later we were like, “Wait a minute, hang on.” We called him back, but it was a crazy Mexican stand off. We said, “OK, we’ll consider it,” but he thought we were bluffing, then of course we thought he was bluffing. It took about three weeks for everyone to put their guns down and take each other seriously because time was ticking. He needed to get a band, and we had three weeks to convince each other we were serious and finally put our guns down and be serious about it.

Now, learning that Neil Brennan was partially behind the whole thing only makes me wish that it could’ve been Dave Chapelle who NBC hired to replace Conan. Wouldn’t that have been just super-swell?!

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