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Hey Greenpeace! You do-gooders could make some serious good scratch here! OK, first let me get my job out of the way: these are anti-nuclear print ads out of Romania. The translated copy reads: “You and your children can get used to this, but you don’t have to.” And so, we have a four-ear bunny and a two-trunk pachyderm (where’s Blinky, the three-eyed fish?). Message = nuclear energy is a bad choice for both nature and future generations. OK, the ads are too subtle and cutesy, not effective cause ads at all. But! Actual stuffed mutated toys? Which Greenpeace could sell to raise funds? That’s a radioactive idea. In addition to these two, they could offer: the two-headed Gamma Giraffe—he eats from the upper and lower branches at the same time; Isotope Antelope—he glows in the dark; and they could make their own version of Blinky—Fission Fish. Previously: Achingly Beautiful Greenpeace Ads. |Images: IBIA|