350_sharkalliance Sharks go to heaven? Well, Jabberjaw is probably there. But what about the evil Great Whites of Jaws 1-4? Well, we love all animals here at ANIMAL (even slugs), so we’re going to go with ‘yes’. This ethereal print ad by Paris ad agency Muchimuchi is for the European Shark Alliance. Yes, thanks to overfishing and Japan’s insatiable love of shark fin soup, many species of the 400 million year old predator are endangered. Good riddance, you say, surfer dude? Well, not to get too scientific in this stupid ad post, but the situation is seriously fucking up the eco-system. Regarding the headline claim, tens of millions seems a stretch. And, if you poke around the Alliance’s website, you discover the number is a bit of a fudge. Still, quite sad. Related anecdote: my dad, an avid shipwreck scuba diver for 20 years, was once poked in the back repeatedly by the snout of a Tiger shark—the big fella was just curious, not hungry. |Image: AdOfDaMonth|