Many have noted that for all its dumbassery, Twitter is very useful for one thing: determining someone’s intelligence. The thinking behind this is that Twitter forces users to express thoughts in 140 characters or less. Some do it exceptionally well, others do not, and some expose themselves to be intellectual lightweights time and time again. Sarah Palin is one of those people.

For instance, here are two tweets she made on Saturday…

Earth saw clmate chnge4 io ..._1261345639025

Copenhgen=arrogance of man ..._1261345699893

What the hell did she just say? Those tweets look as though they were written in freakin’ hieroglyphics! You almost need a translator to read them. The woman is completely incapable of communicating a coherent thought in this format. AND A LARGE SWATH OF PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WANT HER TO BE PRESIDENT! God help us.