Join BBDO Yo!

07.31.09 Copyranter


Gangstas! Tired of the street life? Handy with an aerosol can (fake graffiti ads are the shit now)? Willing to hike up your pants a tad (You can keep the tats, just tell the account execs/clients that they’re ironic.)? Well, BBDO Düsseldorf wants you to join their set. Eh, that gang sign looks like it’s biting the Bloods’ a bit. Maybe you Crips should check a Berlin agency instead. Anyway, if you’re thinking of joining this ad gruppe, here’s an erudite little discussion about the differences between German and American street gangs. It seems, most badass Deutschlanders don’t carry guns, but “if you come to germany talkin big you get the shit slapped out not all of us need gunz we still know how to fight with our hands guns are for pussys…” No word if any skinheads currently roam their halls. (Note to local NYC Bloods & Crips: I do not endorse this ad and its mocking of your culture in any way whatsoever. Peace.) |Image: AdOfDaMonth|