Some people consider writer/tranny-lover/boxer/Fiona Apple-dater Jonathan Ames’ unique brand of eccentricity, the same eccentricity displayed by the lead character in his HBO show Bored to Death also named Jonathan Ames, to be somewhat grating. Personally, as a HUGE fan of Ames’ writing, I find him enormously endearing, and his using Twitter to find a kindly stranger willing to let him come over to watch his own TV show (Ames doesn’t own a television.) will only help to enhance Ames’ already legendary kookiness.

The madness kicked off when Ames, desperate to find a television with HBO to watch his own show, used Twitter to send out distress signals

does anyone ..._1255966190978

i know this is an odd requ ..._1255966353814

Luckily for Ames, a fellow resident of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn invited him over…

@JonathanAmes Carroll Gard ..._1255966661399

Then Ames asked if he could come over a little earlier to watch Curb Your Enthusiam as well.

@acecowboy okay. all right ..._1255966804246

And a good time was had by all…

I had an amazing experienc ..._1255966991854

i may have made myself too ..._1255967048756

all this happened because ..._1255967145454

The morning after, Ames was apologetic…

one last twit before headi ..._1255967364142

Now, surely some cynics will call this nothing but a clever publicity stunt by Ames, but I doubt those people have ever read anything by him (I highly recommend I Love You More Than You Know), nor do I really give a damn…this whole adventure was hilarious. How much do you wanna bet this Ames escapade ends up in an upcoming episode of Bored to Death?