birds-of-a-feather-on-twitpic_1252905085054 So it’s only been a couple of hours since Kanye West’s raping of Taylor Swift’s soul took America’s lily-white innocence and made cocktail sausages out of it, and the reckless speculation about the incident has already begun. First, as seen in the photo accompanying this post, Kanye was palling around with a known terrorist prior to the show, and rumors are now circulating that Kanye may have been under the influence of some sort of substance at the VMAs. Oh, and Kanye issued an “apology.”

First, here’s the aforementioned “apology”:


Now, with that horseshit out of the way, let’s commence with the reckless speculation! According to an email from our pal VH-1 reality star Tionna Smalls, who attended the VMAs, Kanye was boozing and taking frequent trips to the john during the show:

Kanye west was acting like a dick all night. He was in the aisle talking ish and smacking on his whore Amber Rose’s ass…he was even letting other people smack on it too. He was drinking from a bottle of alcohol and being a total jerk. It was real bad, Real bad Michael Jackson as he say. Getting up btw commercial breaks…my sources are true. I say put him on rehab watch because he is acting real coke headish.

MTV confirmed some of what Tionna told us on their website:

Prior to Sunday night’s show, West was captured by photographers on the red carpet swigging from a bottle of Hennessey. In multiple pictures West can be seen cradling the bottle as he and his girlfriend Amber Rose were snapped; he is also seen sharing the bottle with Pete Wentz, and in a different shot, West is standing near Joe Jackson, who is holding it. Following his rant against Swift, West returned to his seat and flipped off the audience, who began booing him, before he sat down.

Regardless if he was drunk or coked up out of his mind, it doesn’t make Kanye West any less of a fucking asshole desperately in need of a good, ole-fashioned ass-whipping. At the very least, if there’s any justice in the world, someone will rush the stage when Kanye wins an award and ruin his moment in the spotlight that he seems to love and crave so much.


Now let’s all sit back and watch Fox News exploit this whole thing to start a race war. I can just see the promos now…”Did the election of a black president embolden rapper Kanye West to publicly attack country star Taylor Swift?” Get ready. It’s coming.

Oh, and one last thing…the resulting internet memes are already making the rounds. Remember the time Kanye interrupted Obama’s speech to Congress?

Kanye/Joe Jackson pic via Twitpic