Caps lock abusing, tight-panted rapper Kanye West has been checking in, live from Paris Fashion Week, posting numerous photos of him and his rat pack all decked-out in odd ensembles that have ignited responses from the Blogosphere that would make Project Runway judges seem cashmere-soft. While the self-proclaimed “Louis Vuitton Don” engages in mostly non-threatening emotional rants, his barber and pint-sized lackey Ibn Jasper takes a different approach.

The Urkel-resembling Jasper published an entry on his blog with the headline “Watch What You Say To Me” that included the video below with the caption: “We pop them thangs too, don’t get it twisted….” At 2:20 in the video he says, “We be wearing colorful ass clothes and shit…but we’ll kill your ass too, we’re training for this shit…yeah that’s right.” The clip is a few months old, but he apparently felt the need to repost it. Ha, sounds like a serious threat to us! Bloggers and commenters beware, this gun-toting fashionista is capable of doing serious damage, just look at what he did to his own boss’ hair.

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