Not only has Kari Ferrell, the so-called “Hipster Grifter,” sparked an online media frenzy, but she’s also inspired a t-shirt design now too. We knew that “I want to give you a handjob with my mouth” note had potential and it was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on her whimsical verbiage. An entrepreneur who claims to have known Farrell personally writes about his meeting with her and the resulting ‘unironic’ endeavor:

Hey there,

I knew Kari Ferrell. I met her at the same party where she made the “Mini Sex Cops” video. She and I were both friends with Josh Heller, the maker of the video. I saw her again a couple days later and mentioned that I was looking for work. She told me there was an opening where she worked at Goldenvoice and that she could get me an interview. I hung out with her a few times as I waited for the interview. She told me about the cancer, and an ex boyfriend, stabbing her.

One time she called me saying she was coughing blood and I said I would take her to the hospital. When I got to her house she showed me a bloody napkin. I took her to Bellvue where she told them she had cancer and was in a lot o pain. They admited her and I visited her the next day. A doctor came in and said they couldn’t find anything wrong with her, they didn’t check for cancer, they just believed what she told them. At some point she actually met me at a coffee shop on graham and interviewed me for the job at goldenvoice, which I now know never existed. In retrospect, the questions were dumb and clearly printed off the internet “Name 10 ways to use a pencil other than writing”.

I knew Joe and Erica and eventually they googled her and I found out the truth. The last time I saw her was when she got me into the premiere of Eastbound and Down at the 40/40 club. She had a bunch of red lines on her wrist. “Cutting yourself?” I joked. “Radiation burns” she said. “From the chemotherapy pills”.

I happen to have a t-shirt company and I made this today. I figure after she wasted my time, teasing me with the job, I ought to make money off of her somehow. Its right at the top at UNIRONICTEES.COM


Update: Here’s the “Mini Sex Cops” video he’s talking about featuring Kari Ferrell (she appears at the 1:20 mark). |Joshua Heller|