Yesterday we introduced the Hipster Grifter’s cellmate, Jerzy Mitchell. Some of you doubted her letter, speculating how the handwriting looked awfully similar to Kari Ferrell’s and assumed she probably didn’t write it. Well, her family would like to set you all straight: it’s her! The young woman’s sister, aunt, and mom all chimed in, verifying the authenticity of the the written correspondence. They also offered some more details on Jerzy and her relationship with Kari:

  • “Jerzy is in for communications fraud, forgery and retail theft.” –Sister
  • “Kari, I don’t know whatsoever, but I know Jerzy thinks the world of her.” –Aunt
  • “I can honestly say this is indeed my baby’s hand writing (fools) as she uses a capitol D in stead of lower case and, i wont give away all her secrets of hand writing, as im sure there is some one who will try to copy it…its so unique, just like Jerzy and Kari are.” –Mom


Photo of Jerzy, her mom, Jaclyn, and sister Taylour via Facebook