beck_couric Over the weekend I finally got around to watching Katie Couric’s web-only interview with Glenn Beck (It’s 45 freakin’ minutes long!). The whole thing is kind of fascinating, if only because it provides a glimpse into the “off camera” Glenn Beck, the person closer to the guy who exists in the world outside of his daily Fox News clown show for right-wing simpletons. But there was one particular three minute stretch of Couric making Beck squirm that was sort of priceless in the same way the Sarah Palin “I read everything” moment was last year during the presidential campaign. Watch Beck go up in flames after he is asked by Couric to explain what “white culture” is, the same “white culture” he famously declared President Obama to hate so much.

Katie Couric is becoming an absolute master at asking penetrating questions that are fair, relevant and ultimately make for sensational viewing. Kudos for this one KC.

And here’s the interview in its entirety should you feel compelled to invest 45 minutes of your life to watching it:
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