kevin spacey smoking a fag

There’s this old adage that says you can learn a lot about someone by observing how they treat waiters, bartenders and other service industry employees. If that’s to be believed, then not-so-secretly-gay actor Kevin Spacey must be a jerkoff of staggering proportions based on the way he treated one waiter in Rhode Island recently.

Peter Turner claims that Spacey essentially told him to fuck off after he asked the actor to refrain from smoking inside the restaurant, at the request of his manager.

“You’re an aggressive prick,” Turner said the Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey told him after he asked him to stop smoking three times in the high-end restaurant Clarke Cooke House in Newport, Rhode Island in late June. When Spacey’s dinner companions lit up their cigarettes Turner was instructed by his boss to tell the group to stop smoking, since it was a violation of state law. He said he made a joke to the smokers, saying: “You’re not allowed to smoke in here unless you’re on fire,” but the actor’s anger exploded. “I need you to get the f*** away from my table,” Spacey snarled to the waiter.

Turner says he was fired three days after the incident.

via Foster Kamer’s Twitter