Kosovo Rebrands Itself As a Bright Young Yellow Utopia

10.28.09 Copyranter

kosovo The…what is it, exactly?  A republic? A country? A self-declared independent state? Disputed territory? Well, the..place just launched a new branding TV spot to air on international channels including CNN and the BBC that aims to erase all that nasty fighting and ethic-cleansing from our minds, and replace it with fake puffy clouds and oversized sunshiny puzzle pieces and pretty young people. The spot is tagged: The Young Europeans—Kosovo’s median age is 25.9, the youngest in Europe. Probably cause thousands of Olds got cleansed in the war! Jump for the shiny, happy commercial and its ridiculously sappy song. By BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv; why an Israeli agency, I have no clue.

|Video: Brand Republic|